OnLive will officially be dead soon


A lot of people actually thought OnLive - the PC streaming platform, or 'Netflix for games' as I've had hammered down my throat a million times - was already gone. Not so - but soon it will be.

As reported on Venture Beat, OnLive has announced it will wind down operations before selling off assets to one-time cloud gaming competitor Sony.

This means Sony will soon own both Gaikai and - at least parts of - OnLive. Two of the (once) biggest names in game-streaming, off to console-only land.

So what have we got left for streaming PC gaming? Steam's in-home streaming, of course, as well as Nvidia's GRID (and its own in-house streaming), Limelight and Razer have in-house streaming... that's about it, bar a couple of startups that aren't up and running yet.

Wasn't streaming supposed to be the future? Why does it all have to die? And do all dogs really go to heaven?