One in ten can't see 3D

3D glasses thumb

Between 10 and 12 percent of UK residents can't see 3D due to slightly imperfect eyesight, according to the UK's Eyecare Trust charity.

"For these six million people it's like taking the 3D glasses off, making everything all blurry. You can't see the image and that causes headaches, eye-strain and blurred vision," Chairman Dharmesh Patel told MCV. "There will be people who have not attended an eye examination in years and are probably unaware they have a lazy eye or something like that," he reckons.

He also said you could expect similar numbers worldwide - and why not? We're not markedly more wrong-eyed than other nations, after all. So, let's Google " population of the earth ". Looks like 6.7 billion, which means that these numbers suggest that about 670 million people can't watch Avatar the way it was meant to be watched. That's an awfully huge amount of people who have no reason to go in for 3D displays, then. It may be that the technology can adapt, but I'd rather they just got on with overriding my optic nerve already and stopped faffing about with funny glasses. How about you guys? Is 3D gaming a gimmick, or the next logical step towards full immersion?

[via MCV ]