Offworld Trading Company: Blue Chip Ventures promises tough new challenges for Martian CEOs

Stardock has released a new piece of Offworld Trading Company DLC called Blue Chip Ventures, a collection of challenging scenarios designed by a "top-tier player" known as Blues. The scenarios are designed to focus on specific mechanics and player skills, which Stardock said "will make even the most veteran of players work hard for their victories." 

A taste of what's in store: 

  • Supply and Demand: They want it? You’ve got it. Focus on monopolizing resources and learn the right times to shift your focus to keep yourself ahead of your competition.
  • Play Well With Others: Can’t we all just get along? Focus on how best to handle your opponents - and also how to work well on a team with your allies to seal your victory.
  • Long-Term Planning: You’re in it for the long haul! Deal with debt strategies and turn around a losing game through careful planning.
  • Challenge: Playtime is over! These scenarios will force you to take all of the concepts you’ve learned and execute them flawlessly in order to win.

“Predicting markets, sabotaging your opponents, and breaking monopolies is only the start,” said Offworld Trading Company lead designer Soren Johnson, who worked with Blues on Blue Chip Ventures. "There are also complex 'challenges' in the DLC that require you to take what you already know and build on what you’ve learned from the other scenarios in order to beat them.”

On paper it might sounds about as exciting as a second-year economics class in the doldrums of February, but Offworld Trading Company is actually quite good: "A savage game, as immediate and competitive as Street Fighter," as we said in our review, in which "every choice is part of an ongoing battle." A different sort of Martian videogame battle than we're used to, perhaps, but why just shoot someone when you can exploit them over their lifetimes for profit and increased shareholder value? 

Offworld Trading Company: Blue Chip Ventures is available now on Steam and GOG, and will set you back $5/£4/€5.

Andy Chalk

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