Obsidian's card game-RPG Pathfinder Adventures comes to the PC next month

Obsidian Entertainment announced today that its CCG-RPG crossover Pathfinder Adventures will come to the PC on June 15. Based on Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and originally released for mobile devices last fall, it promises to let players "develop characters, acquire loot, overcome dastardly villains, and uncover secret mysteries," while customizing their playstyle with unique decks built from "thousands of exciting cards." 

“With Pathfinder Adventures we are bringing the magic of the award-winning tabletop card game to your PC, letting you easily play any time you want,” Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart said. “I’ve always loved the way Pathfinder Adventure has brought what I enjoy in tabletop RPGs to card games, and I am very proud of how we have captured the depth of the game, while adding in options to expand upon the experience for both newcomers and lovers of the tabletop game alike.” 

At first I thought Pathfinder Adventures would be a Hearthstone or Gwent type of game, but it really seems to be more of a conventional RPG experience, filtered through the lens of a CCG. The announcement trailer above is cute but not terribly informative; fortunately, Obsidian released a full-on tutorial video for the mobile version that better explains what's going on. And yes, mobile and PC game profiles can be linked, so any cards you've earned in the mobile version will be available on the PC.

Obsidian also confirmed that there's no connection between Pathfinder Adventures and Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the new RPG that Obsidian co-founder Chris Avellone announced earlier this month. Avellone left Obsidian in 2015, presumably so he could concentrate more fully on being a stretch goal for other studios' crowdfunding campaigns.

Andy Chalk

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