Nvidia shows off five new PUBG desert map screens

Earlier this year, Chris became the first person outside of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds team to set foot in the shooter's upcoming desert map. He wrote about his experiences here (look out for the magazine piece on the website tomorrow at 1pm GMT/5am PT), whereafter Brendan Greene shared four new images from the work-in-progress setting. 

Now, Nvidia has posted five new desert-set shots that tease the map's sprawling planes, abandoned car-strewn thoroughfares, hidey-hole houses and multi-storey buildings.

"Oils rigs, canyon walls, towers and cranes should make for some interesting snipping, while the more dense cityscapes should intensify scavenging," says Nvidia. "The desolate landscape is sure to make for some white-knuckle final circle encounters, as there is not a lot of landscape cover when the circle tightens and forces you into open areas."

Nvidia adds that 5,000 GeForce Experience users stand to receive PUBG free-of-charge simply by using the GTX companion application—with the GPU manufacturer distributing game codes at random on November 21. 

Let us know what you think of the incoming desert map in the comments below, and check out the seven new maps we'd love to see in PUBG.