Over $300,000 worth of RTX 3090s were stolen out of a factory in China

Over $300,000 worth of RTX 3090s were stolen out of a factory in China
40 containers of RTX 3090 GPUs were boosted from an MSI factory in China early this morning. (Image credit: Mcdonalds)

I'm fairly certain that 'massive RTX 3090 heist' was not on your 2020 Bingo card. Our friends at Tom's Hardware originally reported that 40 cargo boxes containing RTX 3090s were stolen this morning from an MSI factory in China in what sounds like a GTA Online-esque heist. 

The stolen goods (which are valued at around $336,500) consist of roughly over 200 hard-to-find RTX 3090 graphics cards. For context, the MSRP for the RTX 3090 is around $1,500 but due to the low stock and high demand, we've seen them being sold for well over $2,000 on various auction sites

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MSI has indicated that this may have been an inside job considering that the factory's shipping area is under video surveillance, and each incoming and outgoing truck is inspected. MSI has notified the police. 

MSI is offering a $100,000 Yuan (USD 15,314) reward for anyone with information that'll lead to the pilfered items. MSI is even going as far as offering clemency to anyone who took part in the scheme, so long as they help track and recover the cargo. 

We have reached out to MSI for comment. 

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