NVIDIA launch new notebook graphics chips


Thinking of buying a new notebook? Might want to hold on until we've had chance to review these two new graphics chips from NVIDIA. The company has launched a pair of processors today, the GeForce GTX 580M and GeForce GTX 570M.

Both are pretty high end processors: the 580M is slated to make its first appearance in Alienware's giant M18x and is the company's fastest current mobile chip. It has 384 unified shaders and a base clockspeed of 620MHz, while the 570M is slightly lower power with 336 cores ticking over at 535MHz - although actual speeds can be tuned by the laptop manufacturer.

They don't look like a massive upgrade to the older GeForce GTX 485M and its ilk, although NVIDIA is claiming a 20% increase in framerates across the board. Worth keeping an eye on though.