Now there's a Warzone 2 bug making players die instantly

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Normally when players are downed in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, they can still crawl around until either an ally revives them, or they roll a natural 20 on their next death saving throw (please fact-check this before publication). As GamesRadar (opens in new tab) spotted, not everybody has been getting to enjoy that period of rolling around on the floor trying to convince a team-mate to help them out.

"Does anyone know what causes you to instant die in Warzone 2 instead of going down like normal??" tweeted ModernWarzone (opens in new tab). "Doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it right now."

Developer Raven Software is already aware of the issue and has flagged it as "Investigating" in an update to the studio's Trello board (opens in new tab) earlier today: "[All Platforms] Skipping Downed Phase: Some Players are Eliminated in situations where they should have been Downed." Currently, there's nothing on the schedule for when a fix might be implemented.

That's not the only issue Warzone 2 players have been experiencing on launch day. Some people are reporting a bug that prevents them being able to invite friends to join a game, kicking them right back to the main menu and locking them out of their friends list. Still, even without friends people have been having fun with Warzone 2's new proximity chat feature.

If you've experienced any other bugs or launch issues in Warzone 2 yourself, drop us an email at PC Gamer's tips line (opens in new tab) to let us know about it.

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