Now Diablo 4 test footage has leaked online

(Image credit: Blizzard)

It seems GTA 6 wasn't the only game to suffer a major leak yesterday. A few hours after Rockstar's highly anticipated sequel spilled online, around forty minutes of Diablo 4 test footage also leaked onto the net, showing off gameplay of Blizzard's upcoming ARPG.

Spotted by Reddit user iV1rus0, the footage appeared in the form of two videos uploaded to, one roughly five minutes in length, and the other around 38 minutes long. Unlike the GTA 6 leak, which appears to be the result of a hack, the Diablo 4 leak has seemingly stemmed from a private Discord stream, which was recorded by one of its viewers.

In the footage, you can hear Discord notifications popping off in the background, while the first video includes a conversation between two viewers with modulated voices, presumably in an attempt to conceal their identities. The first viewer urges the other to watch a user called "Skye", asking "Are you watching Skye right now?", after which the second viewer attempts to guess what game is being played, with guesses including a new Witcher and "Skyrim 2".

The footage is clearly from a test-build of the game. Not only is it heavily watermarked, but certain objects in the game world such as bridges and buildings are untextured. In terms of what it shows, the footage mostly sees the player exploring Diablo IV's game world as a Barbarian character, with lots of traversal across rugged environments and some impressively weighty-looking combat. 

If there's a silver lining to the leak, it's that Diablo 4 appears to be shaping up well. The footage particularly highlights the size and open-ness of Diablo 4's world. Given the appearance of the game map, which dynamically fills out as the player explores the world, it's unsurprising one of the stream's viewers initially confused it with Skyrim.

Given the amount of information available in the footage, it likely won't be difficult for Blizzard to identify the specific source of the leak, which is much more substantial than a previous leak from an Alpha build that occurred last month. If you want to get the more official line on Blizzard's ARPG sequel, check out everything we know about Diablo 4.