No, Cult of the Lamb's next free expansion won't be 'the sex update'

A snake hovers above animal cultists, most of them wearing just leaves
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Earlier this year, spooky-cute roguelite Cult of the Lamb got a free expansion called Relics of the Old Faith adding more to do after defeating the final boss, a heavy attack for each weapon type, relics to collect, extra challenge modes, shielded enemies, and more. Developers Massive Monster said it wasn't the end, however, with another update still to come.

Now the studio has announced the update's name and release window. It's called Sins of the Flesh, and, as the official Twitter account tweeted, "Coming very early next year, this update is packed with new features, stories, and more!" 

Seeing that the official art depicts cultists wearing nothing beyond carefully placed leaves like they're in the Garden of Eden or Baldur's Gate 3 with the nudity toggled off, players on the Steam forum and elsewhere immediately declared that Sins of the Flesh is definitely "the sex update", a thing the community is attempting to will into existence by joking about it hard enough.

In response to a post worrying this update would turn Cult of the Lamb into something you couldn't play in front of your goth child, Massive Monster's community manager responded, "Don't worry, the 'sex update' is more of a meme in the community. One some people are really running with ^^; the age rating hopefully wont change after this update, as we made sure content adheres to guidelines. Obviously everyone is different but I doubt you won't be able to play in front of your kids if you do already!" 

Well, that's something that won't be in it. As for what will be in Sins of the Flesh, in a later comment they clarified further, writing that the expansion will be "a cult depth update which includes more cult structures, story, lore, things to do and unlock, etc".

Our review gave Cult of the Lamb a score of 82 and said it was, "Animal Crossing if Tom Nook craved power instead of money." It's currently on sale, going for 40% off on Steam, which makes it $US15, £11.70, or $AUS21.60. 

Jody Macgregor
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