New Steam survey stats out, 40% of users torrent


A little over a month ago, Valve asked Steam users for information on the programs they had installed on their PCs. The results of the latest Steam hardware and software survey are out , and they contain a few interesting tidbits, and lots of hot graphs.

Casting an eye over the software figures reveals that about 40% of Steam users have some form of torrenting software installed.

DirectX 11 cards are slowly gaining credence, with 5% of users sporting a superfast graphics card. The survey also reveals that 5% of Steam users play on Macs, which isn't a bad uptake considering the low number of Mac compatible games on Steam right now.

It's worth checking out the stats page yourself, if not just to see how your PC stacks up against other Steam users. By looking at the lowest percentages it's also possible to construct a theoretical image of what the most unique Steam user must be like. He lives in Thailand, has two vast monitors and has a PC that runs on Windows 2003. I envy that theoretical man.

Tom Senior

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