New report says Mass Effect: Andromeda isn't getting any single-player DLC

We reported yesterday on a rumor that planned story DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda had been canceled because of the tepid response to the game and the changes that have taken place at BioWare as a result. The whole thing was quickly confirmed as a hoax—producer Mike Gamble said he'd "never heard of Sinclair Networks," the company that claimed to be developing the DLC—and that was the end of it.   

Until today, that is, when Kotaku reported that the hoax actually got it right: According to three sources "familiar with BioWare's plans," Andromeda will not get any single-player DLC. None was ever promised, and in fact BioWare elected not to offer a season pass for the game, but it's nonetheless a very real and unexpected change in approach, as all three games in the original trilogy offered DLC.   

It's disappointing, but the really frustrating thing for Mass Effect fans right now is that BioWare and EA still refuse to talk about it. When asked about DLC in January, BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn said "We'll talk about that later," and that's still the company line: In response to inquiries about yesterday's hoax on Twitter, producer Fernando Melo replied, "New/future content etc is something we can't discuss yet sorry," despite the fact that Andromeda has been out for more than three months now.

Bear in mind that the Kotaku report is unverified and unofficial, but the site has a pretty good record of getting these things right. It's possible that BioWare could surprise us, but right now I wouldn't bet on it. 

Andy Chalk

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