New publisher Rebel Machine wants to help "push our medium forward"

Rebel Machine is the latest label to join the growing independent games scene . Much like the recently launched Midnight City , creators Tom Ohle and Khaled Ibrahimi have emerged with the goal of helping out indie developers.

"We realize that developers often have a negative image of publishers," reads Rebel Machine's introductory blog post , "they force ideas on you, take too much money or just plain suck. We want to use our experience in working with publishers to build an appealing publishing option for a wide range of indie needs."

Ohle and Ibrahimi both have long tenures in the industry. The site points to Ohle's 12 years in games PR and Ibrahimi's history in game development as valuable experience the publisher can put to use. With that experience, Rebel Machine hopes it can help developers with "with production issues, dev pipelines, managing a virtual team and everything else you need to do to get a game out the door."

"We want to bring great games into the spotlight," the post continues, "games that push our medium forward. We're looking for development partners who share our passion for incredible gameplay, beautiful artwork and compelling narrative." Clearly, Ohle and Ibrahimi know how lofty their ambitions are. But if their Get Published page is anything to go by, they're optimistic about their chances.

The release close with the declaration that "this might just be crazy enough to work."