Your weekly PC hardware catchup: flashy Razer keyboard kits and adorable Nvidia GPUs

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Want to stay abreast of every PC hardware launch but don't have the time to dedicate to it? Don't worry, that's we here on the PC Gamer hardware team come in. We are sent the latest product announcements round the clock, leaving our inboxes in a state much like the Dursley's house with Harry Potter's Hogwarts admission letters. Yet for all the chaos, it also offers us the ability to relay the best PC gaming products to you lovely lot. 

This week we've a mess of gaming keyboard accessories, graphics cards, projectors, and more to wet your whistle.

Razer PBT keycap + coiled cable upgrade set | $49.99 | Available now 

Coiled cables have long been a desirable accessory for keyboard enthusiasts like myself, so I'm glad to see Razer trying to spread the good word further afield. These coiled cables come in four colours: green, black, white, and pink. I'd usually expect a solo cable to cost up to $50, so the full set of PBT keycaps included in this set seem a decent bonus. Link.

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Razer Phantom Keycap upgrade set | $34.99 | Available now

Following a bit of a trend in gaming keyboards as of late, Razer is releasing a set of pudding keycaps. For the unindoctrinated, pudding caps are like your regular keycap on top but come with a see-through base that allows per-key lighting to shine bright. They're pretty neat, too. If a little too gauche for me. Yeah, I'm a keyboard snob, what of it? Link.

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Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rests | $19.99 | Available now

I've used the full-size wrist rest from Razer, gosh, probably a few years back now. I recall it was plenty comfy for a day's work. Anyways, this is likely to do what is says on the tin: a plush wrist rest for Mini and TKL keyboards. Link.

AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT | $379.99 | Available now

A new graphics card arriving during a GPU drought—you'd think this story has already written itself. However, there's been a surprising level of stock for AMD's new card, it's just a shame its gaming performance isn't quite as convincing as we had hoped. Still, a half-decent price given the global GPU situation.

There's no reference design out of AMD this time around, so you'll want to pick up a model from one of AMD's board partners, such as the XFX model we reviewed. Read on: our AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT review.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia RTX A2000 | Available September

Packing a GPU that's not dissimilar from an RTX 3060, you'd expect Nvidia's new workstation card to fill a similar space in your PC. It does not. It's tiny. Like comedically small. It's tough to get a sense of scale until someone holds it in their hand, so follow the link for our original story and Nvidia's official announcement video. Link.

(Image credit: Steelseries)

Steelseries Black Ice collection | Available now

In honour or Rainbow Six: Siege's Black Ice skin, Steelseries has put together a collection of products featuring an icy finish. There's a Prime mouse, a QCK Heavy mouse mat, and pair of KontrolFreek thumbsticks. Link. 

(Image credit: HP)

HP X Series gaming monitors | $259.99 – $459.99 | Available now – October 2021

HP is releasing a mountain of new gaming monitors under the X Series moniker. Ranging from 27-inch to 34-inch, these monitors also range in curved VA panels (models marked 'c') and flat IPS ones. Three also come with HDR 400 capability, which isn't the highest by any means, coming in just a little over your usual brightness rating. All come with FreeSync Premium and 165Hz refresh rates, though. Link.

(Image credit: Logitech)

Logitech Pop Keys | Available this month (Taiwan only)

Now I've not heard word of the Logitech Pop Keys keyboard outside of Taiwan, but it caused such a split in opinion on the PCG hardware team that I thought it worth mentioning. It's essentially a wireless mechanical keyboard with interchangeable emoji keycaps. Yeah, emojis. It looks pretty neat though, even the switches under the keycaps are a match for the finished board, which comes in a range of colours. Something to look out for if it receives a wider release. Link.

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