New Mass Effect, Battlefield, Titanfall by April 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda

Quarterly shareholder reports are the sort of thing you read to squalling toddlers to knock them out, but occasionally they reveal the nefarious plans of unknowable corporations. EA's third-quarter statement, spotted by Game Informer, indicates that Mass Effect: Andromeda and the next Battlefield and Titanfall games will all appear before the end of the next financial year (March 31, 2017). Battlefield will be out come Christmas.

"Looking ahead to FY2017 ... An all new Battlefield game from DICE will arrive in time for the holidays. We are excited to have a new Titanfall experience coming from our friends at Respawn, and of course Mass Effect: Andromeda from the team at BioWare will launch later in the fiscal year."

The full report is yours to digest (or subdue your children with).