New Dragon Age 2 trailer shows hyperviolent exploding

dragon age 2 evil hawke

The latest Dragon Age 2 trailer gives us the first look at the rogue class, with her mean looking knife and fast combo attacks. There's also plenty of mysterious talk about "the Champion", otherwise known as Hawke, the character you play in Dragon Age 2. The Empire is said to be "on the brink of war", but judging by the footage of Hawke dicing Darkspawn into a bloody puddle, things have already gone way over the edge. Also, a dragon pukes fire over everything and a mage makes someone explode. If this trailer is anything to go by, Dragon Age 2 is going to be violent.

We also get a quick peek at a new area, the interior of the huge harbour city of Kirkwall, and lots more of the Dawkspawn invasion. For loads more information, check out our in depth Dragon Age 2 preview . The game is set to be released March 8th 2011.

[via Joystiq ]

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