New Divinity: Dragon Commander video plays with politics

A new interactive video from Larian Studios lets you get a taste for the power you'll be wielding in its eclectic upcoming RTS Divinity: Dragon Commander . Surely piloting a flame-breathing, jet-pack wearing dragon brings its own challenges, but we see in this new video that political intrigue and consensus building may be an even trickier proposition.

The video puts you in the hot seat as a dragon knight emperor, a "winged love child" who represents the "empire's last hope." Your task is to balance and interpret the wishes of the various races who inhabit the world of Dragon Commander. Dwarves, elves, lizards, imps, and the undead are all in attendance as you decide whether to crush or support the free press in your empire.

It's a needed—and amusing—complement to previous videos we have seen which detail the RTS elements of the game. Seeing your rigidly serious, but skeletal, councilor argue for the elimination of press freedoms certainly gives us a clue as to some of the whimsy that may be on display when Dragon Commander launches August 6.

Be sure to have your annotations enabled in order to interact with the video below. Both Steam and GOG currently offer a discount if you pre-order the game. For more on Dragon Commander, check out our recent hands-on feature .

Thanks, Polygon .