Nether Territory Wars update gives players some much needed structure

Urban Survival MMO Nether was in such an early state when I last played it a few months ago that it wasn't even entirely clear what kind of game it was going to be. It nailed a desperate, post-apocalyptic mood, and had basic shooting and crafting systems in place, but I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Yesterday's Territory Wars update hopes to alleviate that, giving Nether players some much needed structure.

Nether players can now join tribes through an initiation process, and capture 10 different buildings in the city to earn money, weapons, and other bonuses. The more tribesmen you have, the faster you'll capture a building. If you abandon it for too long other tribes could move in, or they could just storm you and take it by force.

The tribes and map control system is the most significant but far from the only addition in this latest update. The map was doubled in size by adding the entirely new Wasteland area to the west of the city. A new loot system should make the interface more intuitive and also adds more searchable items in the world. New tutorial quests should make all of this easier to understand, and there's a ton more, which you can read about on the game's Steam page .