NASCAR The Game 2013 announced, coming this summer from Eutechnyx

Auto Club Revolution developers (and possessors of the world's most unspellable name) Eutechnyx have announced a new NASCAR title for PC. It's literally called NASCAR The Game 2013, and it looks a lot like a NASCAR game created in the year 2013. Stick around for some moderately shiny screenshots.

Blurb-worthy features of NASCAR 2013 include: Gen 6 model cars, customisable Gen 6 paint schemes, the inclusion of the new 2013 roster and (perhaps more exciting) something called Inside Line Highlights, a feature that will recreate the best moments from actual 2011/2012 races. You'll be able to pre-purchase the game on Steam soon (this will grant you beta access), or buy NASCAR 2013 proper later this summer.

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Tom Sykes

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