Mumble Indie Bungle features free word-warped indies - including World of Glue and Carp Life

We've seen roughly a billion different game bundles since their invention by Dr. Herbert I. Bundle back in 2010. But this, Pippin Barr's Mumble Indie Bungle , might well be the first created entirely as a joke. The free collection features twisted titles parodying popular indies - including World of Glue, Proteas and 30 Flights of Loathing - with the games often being literal interpretations of the new names. It's like the indie equivalent of the budget software you used to find lurking in a dusty corner of a game's shop. Only funny.

"The idea for the collection, in keeping with the titles, is that it's meant to be this set of crappy indie games that someone perhaps bought for you, mistaking them for the originals," writes Barr , "(But I want to at the same time very clearly make sure I don't accidentally really trick someone. I think it's pretty unlikely, so don't worry.) So you might excitedly unwrap your new bundle of games to find something like Subpar Meat Boy and Flour. (Instead of Super Meat Boy and Flower.) Not that I'm using those two titles, though both were originally near the top of the list."

Each game is short expression of the titular idea, so they're all worth trying. But particular praise needs to be given to World of Glue and 30 Flights of Loathing, which are both perfect in their execution. You can also get the "extra-special non-free bonus game" Carp Life, self-styled winner of the IFG (International Fish Games), and blatant parody of the more serious Cart Life, winner of the (actually real) IGF. It's $1 or over for the pay-what-you-want extra, and probably only worth considering if you really like fish. Or jokes. Or jokes featuring a fish.

Thanks, Joystiq .

Phil Savage

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