Morrowind Rebirth mod gets a big update to celebrate Morrowind's 18th anniversary

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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is now officially an adult, at least in the US. Bethesda's RPG turns 18 years old today, and to celebrate, the modder behind expansive total overhaul mod Morrowind Rebirth put out a big update. This is version 5.1; we last wrote about Morrowind Rebirth in November 2019, when it finalized its 5.0 update.

"This update is a tad smaller than previous updates, but as always there's a lot of interesting stuff included," writes modder trancemaster_1988. Includes are lots of bug fixes and some changes to previously added features. You can see the kind of attention to detail in Rebirth with updates like this: "The large bridge in Gnisis has been moved just south of Fort Darius. It didn't make sense for the bridge to be situated where it was, as the fort would be useless as a defensive fortification."

Now on to the brand new additions in Rebirth 5.1:

  • Added an interior to Meralven Hleran's House, Pelagiad.
  • Added a lot more clutter to Ghorak Manor, Caldera.
  • Ebonheart Overhaul - Yet another overhaul for Ebonheart adding more detailing like, houses, shops and clutter, making the city less empty and stale. A drawbridge was also added for the castle itself, and some decorative elements have been added to the main entrance. There are also some new areas added to old content.
  • Bthusal - A massive Dwemer ruin to the Molag Amur region, close to Lake Nabia. Inside you'll find the usual Dwemer content, but also a two new artifacts.
  • Fort Darius Overhaul - An overhaul of a part of the fort. This overhaul includes a new sleeping/general quarter for the legionaries, a jail cell, armory/storage and a toilet.
  • Ancestral Tombs Overhaul - An work in progress overhaul to expand or improve most of the tombs on Vvardenfell. This overhaul includes for example new areas, new loot and misc items. Note that not all tombs have been expanded as some are large enough, and were only in need of cluttering.
  • New Enchanted Weapons
  • New Armor
  • New Artifacts/Uniques
  • New Spells

There are also balance tweaks to potions and spells and graphics tweaks for "hundreds of various minor mesh/texture edits," as well as some entirely new models and textures here and there.

Looking back through Morrowind Rebirth's history, the mod has been in development since 2010. It predates the release of Skyrim, and has been in development roughly three times longer than Bethesda spent on Morrowind itself. You can read more about why modders are so dedicated to Morrowind in our feature here, from 2017.

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