More evidence points to Karazhan as the setting for the next Hearthstone adventure

The sharp eyes of Reddit have dug up yet more evidence that the upcoming Hearthstone expansion will be set in the tower of Karazhan. The domain, which previously displayed a blank page, now leads straight to a 403: Forbidden error, while deeper digging revealed that its IP block is owned by Blizzard. Even more convincing, using https:// to hit the url leads (after a security certificate warning) to—gasp!—! 

The truth will be revealed soon enough: Last week, Blizzard teased an “unforgettable adventure” that will be revealed on Twitch at 11 pm PDT on July 28, as part of the ChinaJoy expo. Holy cow, that's tonight! We'll be staying up late to keep you posted.   

Andy Chalk

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