Mod of the Week: Briefcase Bombs, for Fallout: New Vegas

Those silver metal briefcases you see secret agents using in movies are cool. Walking away from explosions as if you've seen a million of them is cool. Destroying your enemies and slipping away scot-free is cool. You can find all of that combined cool in Briefcase Bombs , a mod for Fallout: New Vegas , which lets you build timed charges into briefcases, plop them at the feet of your enemies, set the timer, and then stroll casually away. Boom .

First things first. If I'm going to be carrying around slick silver briefcases like some kind of secret agent, I need some secret agent duds. When I load my game I find myself looking like this:

This look is fine for bashing in members of Caesar's Legion, but I'm going to be carrying out calculated assassinations in population centers. Too suspicious.

Playing as a woman, naturally, I had to use this mod just to be able to put on a suit. Also, I killed a gangster and took his fedora, but when I put it on my womanly-woman head, it turned into a pillbox hat with a veil. BOOOO. I'm an agency assassin, not a debutante. Stupid magic hat.

Now, I visit my contact, Mr. Holdout, outside a casino in Vegas. The mod lets him sell me schematics for the briefcase bomb, both versions: regular 'splodey version, and nuke version. Yup. Nuke in a briefcase. Want . I buy both, and start gathering the ingredients. First up: briefcases! The mod makes them not just storage containers but items you can pick up and take with you. As chance would have it, I was recently at the Atomic Wrangler Casino, and noticed a bunch of briefcases in the cashier's booth.

I pick the lock, creep in, and take 'em all (along with the money). Next, I'll need dynamite, and I know where to find that: Powder Gangers have got plenty. I apparently was very helpful to the Powder Gangers at some point in my life, because they're all very nice and think nothing of me visiting their camps, poking through their things, and killing them to search their bodies. Weirdly, killing them in cold blood gives me karma, but stealing dynamite from their camps loses me karma.

Now I'll need some egg timers, and that's where being a slick secret agent is put on hold for a while as I scour every kitchen and scrap pile I can find. Since the Powder Gangers are being so nice about everything, I head to their stronghold, the NCR Correctional Facility, and nose around in all their drawers and boxes. Eventually, I find one near some guy named Hannigan, and later (much later) locate a few more in random spots in the world.

I head to Novac to use the workbench there and raid the shelves for the rest of the scrap needed. Now, to dispatch my enemies. Which enemies? The ones I've just made. See, every secret agent knows the first rule is to leave no traces. And I've been leaving traces all over the wastelands. Mr. Holdout, for instance. He knows I bought the schematics. When people start dying of exploding briefcases, he'll know who's doing it. He's got to be dealt with.

I approach Mr. Holdout, put a briefcase down beside him, and set the timer for 25 seconds. Then I stroll casually away.

No one suspects me or comes running. It's just an unfortunate explosion with no one to blame, especially not the woman walking calmly away in the other direction. Now, to take care of that cashier at the casino. He's missing seven briefcases. He's bound to wonder why. He might start asking questions about that woman who came up to his cage and stared at his seven briefcases thirty seconds before they vanished.

Next, I head back to the NCR Correctional Facility where I found that egg timer. Egg timers just don't disappear, and that Hannigan guy has probably been wandering around asking if anyone's seen his egg timer in a loud voice. Time to silence that voice.

That's all of my enemies taken care of! Of course, I still want to build a briefcase nuke and blow something up with it, but I haven't come across any mini-nukes, which is the main ingredient. I finally find one, at Nellis Air Force Base, where a Boomer tending to a cornfield has a nuke launcher on her back. I try to pick-pocket a mini-nuke off her, but she catches me. I'm super popular here at the base, for doing good deeds I exactly can't remember, so it's not a big deal, but I still need that mini-nuke. How to get it?

I decide to use my last briefcase bomb to bomb the Boomer to death so I can take her nuke and make a new briefcase bomb. If that sounds convoluted and pointless -- bombing someone just so you can build another bomb -- you just don't understand the secret agent game. I shadow her until she stops to water the crops, then place a briefcase at her feet.

After healing my wounded limbs, I build my briefcase nuke. Where to use it? Where have I left evidence that needs to be erased? Oh, wait, I know.

No witnesses. No evidence. Mission accomplished. And listen, don't tell anyone about this, okay? I still have a briefcase or two lying around. I'd hate to have to use them.

Installation : You'll need the official Gun Runners Arsenal DLC to use this mod. It's a couple bucks on Steam.

Download the mod , extract both the .esp and .bsa files and drop them into your New Vegas data folder. Make sure you checkbox the .esp file when you load the game.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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