MOBA Madness: Five new games on the horizon, and how they measure up

Merc Elite

Made by: Bigpoint, a browser games developer responsible for, notably, Battlestar Galactica Online

Releasing: Summer 2013

Hands-on: No

What's different about it?

It's a hybrid shooter, grounded a bit more in reality than your average MOBA. We're not talking Red Orchestra: Top Down Operations or anything, but there aren't giant, magic walruses running around punching mutant spiders. It also uses what the devs call a "direct fire aiming system," which basically means that all of the guns work like what MOBA players refer to as skill shots. Line of sight, cover, and high/low ground all matter when it comes to spotting targets and aiming. It's also class-based, rather than character-based. You'll be able to customize and level up a handful of kits such as sniper and heavy gunner.

Can I play it?

You're probably getting used to this answer by now... nope! But there is a page for closed beta sign-ups .