Mirage: Arkane Warfare trailer teases brutal Taurant class

Described as a "hulking brute that excels at melee" while being "loud, brash and very noisy", Mirage: Arkane Warfare's Taurant class are the latest to be showcased via its newest trailer.  

In typical gut-wrenching, limb-tearing style, the new class' abilities are teased against a wall of shrills and shrieks from the Taurant's less fortunate foes. "Being strong is never wrong," cries one masked Taurant-ian towards the trailer's end, which is a message he and his pals seem pretty hell-bent on sending to anyone who stands in their way. 

As you can see there, five of the Taurant's new abilities are teased: Boulder, which lets players toss huge rocks around the battlefield; Leapslam, which allows players to jump skyward before creating a damaging blast that pushes nearby foes away; Charge, which simply steamrolls anyone daft enough to stand in your path; Whirlwind, which poses a powerful spinning melee attack; and Explosive Punch, which, well, lets players deliver a disabling explosive punch. 

This Taurant showcase is the second 'Instruments of Death' short which explores the various classes in the incoming multiplayer action combat game. Here's last month's Vypress class trailer:

More info on Mirage: Arcane Warfare can be found via the game's site, or, better still, experienced first-hand at next month's PC Gamer Weekender—as developer Torn Banner's follow-up to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will be playable on the show floor.