Microsoft dropped a car 4,500 feet from a chopper because reasons

It sometimes feels like the glory days of PR are gone: the time when, to promote a new release, the office trainee would be shoved into a mascot costume and paraded around. I once saw a man dressed as Master Chief fall over. Sure it wasn't all great, but I've always enjoyed watching companies spaff money up the wall on a giant piece of Raiden graffiti.

Step forward then Xbox Australia and New Zealand, who decided that the best way to promote Forza Horizon 5 was to drop a Polaris out of a helicopter at almost 5,000 feet. Who cares about the when and why: Do you want to see a car parachute to the ground or not?

While we're at it, props to Xbox ANZ for what it did recently to promote Age of Empires 4: a cereal called Wolol-o's, loosely inspired by the fact that Age of Empires demo discs used to come in cereal packets.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

PCG's own Phil Savage reckons Forza Horizon 5 is as good as the series has ever been, which is to say: very good indeed. The game runs like a dream for me but some PC players have experienced a startup bug, and if you're one of them here's how to work around it until Playground sends out a patch.

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