Memory makers continue piling on more RAM kits primed for Ryzen

(Image credit: Geil)

If you're planning to build a third-generation Ryzen system and are worried that it might be finicky with certain RAM kits, there's no need to fret—several memory companies have already released RAM that has been tested on AMD's newest platform, and I suspect many more will follow. The latest to join the fray is Geil.

For the most part, compatibility should not be a major concern anyway. A kit of DDR4 RAM should work in any motherboard with DDR4 DIMM slots, whether you're running an Intel processor or one from AMD. That said, hitting advertised settings can sometimes be dependent on the platform.

As such, Geil has validated certain Evo X II kits specifically for Ryzen PCs. Dubbed Evo X II AMD Edition, these kits are being offered in frequencies ranging from 2,400MHz all the way up to 4,000MHz.

Timings vary by kit, and the faster the frequency, the looser they are. Here's a handy chart Geil put together that breaks it down by kit, in packs of two modules (as tested on an unspecified X570 motherboard):

(Image credit: Geil)

Not too shabby, though G.Skill still offers the overall best RAM kit (by specs) for Ryzen. Its Trident-Z Neo series is offered in a DDR4-3600 kit with timings set at 14-15-15-35. Geil's kits don't match that, and neither do recent offerings from Patriot.

That's really nitpicking things, though. Setups are likely to respond better to faster frequency RAM than slightly tighter timings. Still, G.Skill has the most attractive kit right now for a high-end Ryzen PC.

Geil did not say when its new Evo II AMD Edition kits will be available or how much they will cost.

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