Massive F1 2010 patch incoming

F1 2010

The eagerly awaited first major patch for F1 2010 is imminent. Codemasters have posted a list of the fixes included in the next update, and they look to be addressing almost all of the concerns raised by fans when the game was released. Read on for details on the major alterations.

Those who have experienced corrupted saved games will be pleased to hear that this issue should be fixed with the next patch, thanks to the discovery of "an over-zealous anti cheating check". Codies say that this should allow people to load previously corrupted saves. The game has also been optimised for multi-core machines and if you have a DirectX 11 card, F1 2010 will now be able to take advantage of the extra juice with it's 'ultra' graphics settings.

The centrepiece of the update is an AI overhaul. AI cars will now always pit on dry courses where previously they'd just keep racing. The AI will now take damage properly as well, and damage will affect them more, causing them to slow down and pit when repairs are needed. The damage modelling has also been tweaked to make even minor damage more visible.

On release the racing AI in F1 2010 was so erratic that many questioned whether the cars on the track were even racing at all. A lack of split times and unpredictable finishing positions were the reasons for these suspicions. The good news is that after the update, split times will be included in F1 2010. Codemasters also say that they've "addressed some issues in driver behaviour balancing that were causing occasionally unrealistic finishing positions".

For the full patch list head over to this Codemasters forum post . Codies report that the patch has been cleared and is ready to go, so we can expect the fixes to be with us shortly. For our verdict on F1 2010, check out our F1 2010 review .

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