Mass Effect: Legendary Edition hits highest Steam concurrent players for a BioWare game

Mass Effect Legendary Edition key art.
(Image credit: EA / Bioware.)

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launched on Friday, and the Steam numbers suggest it's had a pretty successful launch weekend.

The remastered trilogy is the number one trending game on SteamDB right now, reaching a peak concurrent player count of 59,817 on Sunday. As noted by industry analyst @BenjiSales on Twitter, it marks the highest concurrent players on Steam for any BioWare game. It's also the second-highest concurrent player count for any EA game on Steam, only beaten by Apex Legends.

While the numbers spell success for BioWare, the reviews were middling on launch day. Most cited technical issues, as well as the glaring absence of a FOV slider. The reviews have climbed up to a 'Very Positive' rating now, with modders already swooping in to save the day with a FOV fix.

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We've been in a bit of a drought when it comes to big releases this year, so it's no surprise to see the trilogy doing numbers. Resident Evil Village had a smashing release earlier this month too, breaking 100,000 concurrent players and being the highest peak for a Resident Evil game on PC.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition contains all three games and every DLC from the original launches, minus the multiplayer mode from Mass Effect 3. There's a possibility we may see multiplayer in the future though, according to project director Mac Walters.

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