Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer introduces Jaal, the big, blue Angaran

A new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer posted by the good folks at IGN introduces the alien race known as the Angara, and more specifically Jaal, a prominent member of the anti-Kett resistance who very much channels the great Garrus Vakarian, while at the same time being his exact opposite. 

There are spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Garrus is famously reserved and taciturn; the mere possibility of an emotive display within 20 feet of his person would lead immediately to a fit of silent, intensely-focused calibrations. Jaal, on the other hand, is a heart-on-his-sleeve kind of guy, as are Angarans in general. 

"The Angara as a species are very free with their emotions, they are very, 'larger than life.' They love you, they hug you—They hate you, you made them mad, they punch you in the face. Even their own family members," writer Cathleen Rootsaert explains in the video. "They're very large and demonstrative." 

Jaal joins the Tempest crew as a sort of liaison between the Pathfinders and the Resistance, which has been struggling against Kett oppression for the past 80 years. The Kett are also apparently the last new species the Angara encountered prior to the arrival of Team Milky Way, and so naturally there are some trust issues in play—as in, the Angara don't trust you. I'd guess that's something you'll spend some time working on.

Over the weekend at PAX, BioWare also revealed footage of Liam Kosta's loyalty mission, which you can dig into here—again, with warning that spoilers abound. Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out on March 21 in North American, and March 23 in Europe.   

Andy Chalk

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