Mass Effect: Andromeda to get day one patch, may not be ready for Origin Access launch

The extent to which Mass Effect: Andromeda will include "softcore space porn" remains to be seen following Aaryn Flynn's statement and subsequent backpedaling, however the incoming space-set action RPG will have a day one patch. 

That's according to Ian S. Frazier, the game's welcomely open lead designer, who confirmed on Twitter "a good portion of the team is still working on the day one patch."

Following this, Twitter users sought to confirm that the day one patch will be ready in time for both the game's March 21 North American launch and its March 23 European introduction, to which Frazier replied: "Actually, it'll be ready in time for the early access players even—we're pushing hard on it!"

Frazier's optimistic outlook is admirable, however game producer Michael Gamble stepped in thereafter to temper expectation. It seems BioWare's plan is to have the day one patch ready to go come Andromeda's slightly earlier Origin (and EA) Access launch, however the developer isn't in a position to confirm it as yet.  

Mass Effect: Andromeda is due March 21 in NA, and March 23 in EU. Head in this direction for our handy centralised news hub

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