Mass Effect 3 trailer introduces all-star voice cast

[VAMS id="0361WGn2TWCcX"]

Freddy Prinze Jr will be playing new squadmate, Vega, in Mass Effect 3, triggering panic attacks among those who remember his role in the Wing Commander movie. It's okay, he's been in Frazier, Friends, Boston Legal and 24 since then. He joins second newcomer, Jessica Chobot, who plays reporter Diana Allers.

The voice cast video above is worth watching to see how closely the cast resemble their in-game counterparts. Vega is essentially Freddy Prinze's face transpanted onto a hulking frame, Joker looks as close to Seth Green as ever and The Illusive Man is like a young, bionic Martin Sheen, or "Mr. President" to West Wing fans.

The cast will feature a few more familiar voices. Tricia Helfer returns as the Normandy's AI, Yvonne Strahovski reprises her role as Miranda. Carrie-Anne Moss is Aria T'Loak and Lance Henriksen is Admiral Steve Hackett. See Mass Effect 3 characters old and new in the fresh batch of screenshots below.

Tom Senior

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