Mass Effect 3 soundtrack composed by Clint Mansell of Moon and Requiem for a Dream fame

Mass Effect 3

Our anticipation levels for Mass Effect 3 just went critical. Clint Mansell, the composer responsible for the seminal Moon soundtrack is also going to work on the tunes that you'll hear as you sink hours into Mass Effect 3. He also worked on compositions for Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, and the more recent Black Swan.

Click more for an example of his work. Bring headphones.

Here's a snippet of the Moon soundtrack. Listen to this for a guaranteed sensation of isolation, and badassery.

Mansell was also lead singer and guitarist in British Pop Group Pop Will Eat Itself. Supposedly, he's also good mates with Trent Reznor who was responsible for the original Quake soundtrack. It's a small world eh?

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