Mass Effect 3 celebrates one year anniversary with multiplayer infographic

Infographics are like the gaming equivalent of a report card. For instance, this one for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer - created by Bioware to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game - tells us that 41% of all missions ended in failure. Which, logically, means only 59% of missions were a success. That makes the community's final grade in Mass Effect around a C+. B- at best.

Other ultimately pointless, but strangely fascinating scraps of data include the fact that only 1% of mission successes happened at Platinum difficulty. We also learn that missions are failed 46% of the time when they're against the collectors, and that 39 million players were downed on Hazard maps.

It's not all a sorry tale of failure, though. The highest ranked player has an N7 rating of over 9,000 30,000. Players have also spent a combined total of 1.44 trillion credits on the random contents of the game's chests.

Lots more in the full graphic below, including favourite weapons, maps and classes.

In their anniversary post , Bioware celebrated the efforts of the game's multiplayer team. "We are extremely proud of the work done by our multiplayer team, who has supported players with five add-on packs and weekly challenges over the last twelve months. Over 40 new kits, 10+ new maps, and dozens of new weapons and upgrades. And let's not forget the Collectors, and entirely new enemy faction and the return of the dreaded Praetorian."

Mass Effect 3's co-op mode is currently undergoing its longest event yet with Operation: Lodestone .

Phil Savage

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