Mark of the Ninja to get Special Edition content, including non-lethal takedowns

The first thing I ask of any stealth game is "Can you get through it without killing anyone?" It's not because I'm unsettled by the sight of blood, or I think that Goon #76 deserves to see his family again, but because a master thief should be able to sneak in and out without leaving so much as a fingerprint on the world. Being a ninja, the guy from Mark of the Ninja understandably wasn't too bothered with keeping people alive, but thankfully for us Ghosty types we'll soon be able to decide that for ourselves. The game's Special Edition DLC - released this Summer - will add non-lethal takedowns, in addition to a developer commentary and a new flashback level.

Rather than playing as Ninja Guy for the flashback episode, you'll be playing as Dosan "the enlightened tattoo artist". (Aren't they all?) He's brought a couple of new items along with him, "one more geared to stealth and concealment and one a bit more direct", as the press release explains. I'm hoping it's a Metal Gear Solid-style cardboard box and a tactical nuclear strike, both of which would make short work of the game's stealthy stages.

Mark of the Ninja's Special Edition DLC will be available this Summer, for an undetermined price. Here's a very sneaky trailer:

Tom Sykes

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