Magicka: Wizard Wars enters early access; founders rewards include Crusader Kings II

Magicka Wizard Wars

Magicka Wizard Wars , the free-to-play game I once described as a game of Dota 2 in which everyone on both teams is playing Invoker, is now available on Steam Early Access . You can claim your spot as a founder in this arcane altercation with three different tiers, starting at $13. Jumping in at the $20 tier gets you a free copy of Crusader Kings II , which is half of that game's current Steam price.

Other founders rewards include unique robes and weapons, forum avatars, and at the highest tier, some in-game currency and the ability to name your personal imp minion. If you're a little light on cash, possibly because you kinda sorta accidentally lit a public institution on fire while practicing your wizarding last weekend, you can still sign up free for alpha access, and if selected, you'll get a cool staff and weapon for your trouble.

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