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Magic: The Gathering Arena launches with training montage starring Carl Weathers

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The new digital version of the original collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering Arena has just left beta. To celebrate there's a video in which Sophia Lillis from It receives a training montage starring Carl Weathers, aka Dillon from Predator. 

The montage is packed with Magic references, from Carl saying Sophia punches "like a beeble" to a chalkboard full of Easter eggs such as a declaration that "Homelands = best set ever made" and a quote from the Armadillo Cloak card: "Don't laugh. It works!"

Magic: The Gathering Arena can be downloaded directly from Wizards of the Coast (opens in new tab) and is free-to-play. Its launch from beta coincides with the launch of the new fairytale-themed set, Throne of Eldraine. 

This new version of Magic improves over Magic: The Gathering Online in a bunch of ways, including the fact that it only prompts you to interrupt your opponent's turn to play instants and flash summons when you actually have them in your hand. Which is still often enough to become annoying, but certainly not as annoying.

PS: I am aware Carl Weathers was in things other than Predator, thank you.

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