Leviathan: Warships trailer sets sail with boat puns and smooth jazz

First Blood Dragon wows us with its hyperactive FX-laden CYBERWAR ; now Paradox bring us back down to the other end of the silly-spectrum with their trailer for Leviathan: Warships. It's got smooth jazz, a low-budget voiceover and methodical tactics. Niiice . It also features a boatload of nautical puns. They've really gone overboard. It's unfathomable.

To see more of the game in action (and probably more puns), the developers will be livestreaming the game tonight, from 6pm GMT, over at the Paradox Twitch.tv channel.

If asynchronous turn-based naval warfare floats your boat, the game will be available to pre-order after the livestream, ahead of the April 30th launch. You can read about our hands-on preview with the game here .

Phil Savage

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