Legrand Legacy is an incoming JRPG inspired by the classics

It's Final Fantasy 15 day in console land today, but that needn't get PC JRPG players down. Legrand Legacy is an incoming role-player that draws from classic series such as Suikoden, Legend of Dragoon, and of course Squaresoft/Enix's long-lasting Final Fantasy franchise. It's two years into development, currently crowdfunding and has a free playable 'prologue' demo that runs for "up to three hours". 

Reading from the game's Steam page, Legrand Legacy is a tactical turn-based RPG that takes you to its titular realm—a "chaotic world torn apart by civil war and threatened by otherworldly invasion". Playing as Finn, a typically reluctant leader of a band of typically unlikely heroes, you'll fight bad guys, form bonds, and ultimately discover that the "true peril" of the universe "lies within" yourself and your crew.

In doing so, Legrand Legacy offers 3D modelled characters against hand-drawn 2D backgrounds; turn-based combat with QTE mechanics (developer Semisoft calls its own workings 'Action Circle Tempo', however the method appears to fly close to Squall's gunblade in Final Fantasy 8); recruitable non-playable characters a la Suikoden; and a range of sidequests and mid-game wars, among other things. 

At the time of writing, Legrand Legacy has accrued £30,290 of its £85,000 Kickstarter goal with 17 days left on the clock. If any of the above tickles your fancy you might like to throw some money in its direction—but, given the fact it's already been Greenlit, note that it's likely to arrive on Steam regardless of its crowdfunding drive. 

If you'd like to take it for a spin yourself, Legrand Legacy's free 'Prologue' demo can be found this way. It's due September, 2017 as per its Kickstarter page—check out some in-game footage here: