Legend of Grimrock Dungeon Editor enters public beta

Legend of Grimrock

Almost Human's dungeon-plumber Legend of Grimrock places the designer's chisel in your hands today with the public beta test of its level editor . A demonstration video shows how players combine Grimrock's accessible dungeon grid layouts and its 350 existing assets with custom scripts and models such as the fabled cow-wagon of ancient prophecy. This is nothing out of the ordinary and a perfectly normal thing.

Almost Human says only Steam users receive access to the beta because "it's automatic update system allows us to do frequent incremental updates to quickly patch arising issues." For everyone else, the studio requests assistance with its documentation , model and animation exporters , and scripting interface .

The editor will release for all after the beta completes. Almost Human also announced the creation of a Grimrock section on the Nexus mod network accompanying an incoming Steam Workshop page as a repository for all things dungeon, crawling, and bovine.

Omri Petitte

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