Left 4 Dead developer hiring for unannounced AAA game in 'globally-known franchise'

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Left 4 Dead and Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios is working on an unannounced AAA game in a "globally-known franchise", job listings on its website have revealed. 

First spotted by a ResetEra user (opens in new tab), a job listing (opens in new tab) for a senior level designer contains hints that the game could be a multiplayer FPS: the developer is looking for candidates that have experience "working with modern FPS engines" and "working on competitive FPSs". Whoever it hires will create "competitive and balanced map layouts".

Another listing (opens in new tab) for an environment artist also contains references to FPSs and "AAA first-person action titles". Given the studio's past experience, a multiplayer shooter wouldn't be a surprise.

In 2016, the developer said it was working on a dark fantasy co-op FPS (opens in new tab)—a "new franchise set in an all new universe". It hasn't said much about that game since, so it's hard to say how, or if, this new FPS will be related.

Co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead (opens in new tab) is a PC gaming classic, while Evolve was a fun asymmetric shooter (opens in new tab) that never really found an audience, and publisher 2K Games pulled the plug on a lot of its features last month (opens in new tab).

What would you like to see Turtle Rock create next?

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