Leaked: Microsoft's vision for the future of Games for Windows Live

Spotted via Reddit , the video above delivers a vision of a terrifying future of chirpy avatars and 160MS point dresses. Some initial thoughts.

1) They don't know how to spell pwn.

2) WHA!?? I don't even...

3) I hope this video is about two years old. The companies they're looking to court with this microtransaction enabled future are so far ahead in their thinking on this that they don't need Microsoft's help. Nor would they ever let MS cross-sell to their customers, nor would they offer up a cut in their earnings for access into Microsoft's network take a cut of their earnings. They dismissed the Xbox and they'll dismiss Games For Windows because Facebook does everything they need, better and to more customers.

4) Seriously - if you're going to try and talk to PC gamers, spelling pwn right is really important.