Leaked Battlefield 5 Firestorm video gives us a glimpse of WWII battle royale

Video originally posted by JROBtheFinesser.

A recent Daily Order challenge that tasked players with playing Battlefield 5's Firestorm battle royale mode was a pretty strong hint that the mode, expected to arrive this spring, could be coming soon. A Firestorm tutorial video that appeared today on YouTube is an even stronger indicator, and it also gives us our first real look at battle royale in the mid-20th century. 

Firestorm will be playable solo, in duos, or with a squad. After players drop onto the map, they'll be able to crack safes and complete objectives that will reward them with reinforcements, loot, and rare vehicles. Weapons will come in three levels of rarity—common, rare, and epic—with higher-level rarities conferring advantages like scopes, extended ammo capacity, and reduced recoil. Apex Legends-style customization does not appear to be an option, however.

Each class of weapon uses its own type of ammo and you'll only be able to carry a limited amount, so inventory management will be a concern. Backpacks will increase your carrying capacity for "weapons, gadgets, and armor," and sharing with your squaddies will probably be a good idea too. 

Overall, it looks and sounds like a fairly conventional battle royale: It's a "level playing field" with no distinct classes, and while teammates can revive you when you're down, once you're out, you're out—there are also no Apex-like resurrection stations to bring you back from the dead. (We didn't have that kind of stuff back in the early '40s, you know.) On the upside, you can still fire a sidearm while you're bleeding, so you're not automatically reduced to hoping that nobody notices while you crawl for the nearest corner and cry for help. 

It's not official, and I suppose it could be a big Half-Life 3-style fakeout, but I think it looks legit. (I've also emailed EA to ask, so I'll let you know how that goes.) There's still no date for Firestorm, but between this and yesterday's Daily Order, I expect that we'll be hearing more about it very soon. In the meantime, you can find out everything else we know about Battlefield 5's battle royale mode here