Amazon leak points to Modern Warfare Remastered standalone release this summer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is only available as part of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which is a real problem for gamers (like me) who would love to replay the classic but aren't at all interested in Jon Snow's Adventures in Space—especially after the way it stumbled out of the launch tube last year. But that restriction on its availability may soon change.   

Earlier this month, Charlie Intel spotted a listing on Gamefly for a standalone release of Modern Warfare Remastered that was slated to come out on July 20; shortly thereafter the PS4 version was listed for June 20, a 30-day advance that would fit with the timed exclusivity of Infinite Warfare DLC releases.   

Activision declined to comment and the listing was quickly taken down, but now two more listings have appeared, this time on Amazon Japan, and with the same dates: June 20 for the PS4, July 20 for Xbox One. There's no mention of a PC release date, but for now I'm willing to put that down to an oversight rather than an indication that it's not going to happen.

And it only makes sense that a standalone release will happen eventually. The wind is out of Infinite Warfare's sails, but there's no question that Modern Warfare Remastered has the juice to be a significant draw if it were available separately. The price in the Amazon Japan listing is concern, though: ¥7800 works out to about $70. I wouldn't expect that price to translate directly, but it does suggest that a standalone MWR will come in awfully close to a full-priced CoD release. 

I've emailed Activision to ask if the leaked Modern Warfare Remastered date is correct. I'll let you know if anyone answers. 

Andy Chalk

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