League of Legends patch boosts comebacks, AI, Teemo, Kayle, and support champs

Another big patch is hitting League of Legends tomorrow morning, bringing a new champion, new features, and buffs for some lucky champions. Community Coordinator David "Phreak" Turley and Lead Champion Designer Ryan "Morello" Scott break down the changes and tell us their reasoning behind making them in their latest patch preview video. The patch is also the first sign that Riot is keeping good on their promise to bring more update to co-op vs. AI games more frequently than they have in the past. The update adds Sion to the AI roster and improves their item-purchasing.

The highlights of the patch are:

  • A new champion: Hecarim, an evil ethereal centaur
  • Obnoxious little Teemo gets a seemingly significant DPS boost
  • Kayle's ability to support and carry her teammates much stronger
  • XP rewards for killing characters with a higher level than yours are being increased
  • Magic Resist Runes getting slightly nerfed, while Magic Penetration and Ability Power Runes are getting buffed
  • Mastery pages will be stored server-side (like Rune pages are) so you can use them on every computer
  • Floating combat text more useful and readable
  • Some general UI improvments
  • Sion is joining the AI bot army and will be available for co-op games on Dominion or Summoner's Rift
  • Bots can now be added to Dominion custom games
  • Bots in co-op games will now purchase and use elixirs after they complete their full item builds

As always, you can download League of Legends for free on the game's official site . If you do, add me (summoner name: Nereus) as a friend and we'll get some games in!