Lapsed Final Fantasy 14 players get four days free

Final Fantasy XIV

Maintaining a subscription-based MMO these days seems like an awful lot of work. Many fall in love with their worlds, but who has the time to make a job of the grind to justify that monthly expense? I swear we all used to, but at peak Warcraft mum was still cooking my dinners, so I can't really talk about responsibility. If you had a fleeting affair with Final Fantasy 14's Eorzea, Square Enix is out to tempt you back with four days free at any point this month.

The offer is only valid for past subscribers, and it's important to note that it's four calendar days from the date on which you first login and not four days of playtime. The latter is a tad unclear on the FF14 website which claims you get 96 free hours, but that won't happen without intravenous caffeine.

Be warned: if you're still logged in when that 96 hours is up, the terms and conditions state that you will be "forcibly logged out". Who can say what that entails, but I'd advise investing in a good solid deadbolt for the front door.

If that sounds like your kind of gig, you can download the client right here.

Thanks to Destructoid for the heads-up.