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Kingpin topples Fire Strike Extreme benchmark record using four Titan X cards

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Renowned overclocker Kingpin (or K|ngp|n, as Vince Lucido spells his online nickname) set a new record in the highest 3DMark Fire Mark Extreme (opens in new tab) benchmark by scoring 40,115 points, making him the first person to break through the 40,000-point barrier.

If you have an aspirations of beating that, you'll need a hefty system and probably a healthy dose of LN2 (liquid nitrogen). While several recognizable names have tried and failed to hit 40,000 points or more in Fire Strike Extreme, Kingpin managed to do it, but it took an arsenal of four Nvidia GeForce Titan X graphics Pascal graphics cards overclocked to 2,200MHz.

The four cards sat in an EVGA X99 FTW K motherboard with an LN2-cooled Intel Core i7-6950X processor redlining at 5,227MHz. It's not the kind of setup or speeds most people have access to, nor can that level of performance be sustained without exotic cooling.

Kingpin's other components consisted of 32GB of G.Skill DDR4 memory and an EVGA SuperNova NEX 1600W power supply.

The top three spots on HWBot for Fire Strike Extreme all consist of systems equipped with four Titan X Pascal cards and short of new graphics hardware, that's likely what it will take to break the record.

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme is one of the few programs where it's feasible to run three or four Pascal cards in SLI. Outside of chasing benchmark records, there's really no reason to run more than two Pascal cards in a single setup.

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