King Arthur 2 demo offers one hour of fantasy conquest

King Arthur 2 - big magisplode

The new King Arthur 2 demo offers a hefty 1.7 gigs of magi-war. Paradox reckons it'll take about an hour to complete the demo, which will let you play through the tutorial and the first campaign mission. That means you'll get to quest, build armies and take cities on the turn-based strategy map, and fight some knights in the quite beautiful real-time battles.

You can get hold of the demo now from Fileplanet ahead of the game's release tomorrow. If you were to pause the demo mid-battle, zoom your face right up to your soldiers and take a few pictures, they could well look similar to the new screenshots below. They show men being exploded by magic, fighting through a forest of ice spikes, and doing battle in a dark forest.

Tom Senior

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