Killing Floor: Incursion is getting a Horde mode called Holdout

Killing Floor: Incursion is basically a VR version of the zombie splatterfest Killing Floor, although as we said in our preview, the actual gameplay is somewhat different. There's still plenty of killing—"Killing Floor: Incursion has some good killing," as Steven opined—but instead of "wave-based hordes that slowly wear you down," the action is interspersed with puzzles, object interactions, exploration, and trading. 

But it's always smart to play to your strengths, and that's what Tripwire Interactive is doing with its first content pack. The central element of the update will be a new game mode called Holdout, a "continuous onslaught of enemies for you (and a friend) to fend off, before succumbing to the horde." 

"After players complete a level in the campaign, that level will be opened up to be played in Holdout. Inside this level will be a single location that players are tasked with defending as long as possible," Tripwire explained. "Starting with a pistol and knife, players will need to scavenge for better weapons as time goes on. As players progress, the Zeds will start getting more aggressive and more challenging Zeds will enter the fray, including multiple bosses at once!" 

The studio said that the details aren't locked down yet, and that "everything is subject to change as we continue to iterate on the gameplay." A release date for Holdout hasn't been set, but it's expected to be ready later this year, and will be free for all Incursion owners. Tripwire said it will share more information about the mode as development progresses. 

Andy Chalk

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