Kerbal Space Program chronicle, part three — Coconut Monkey presents Fuel Trader

At this point, I decouple the lifting engine from the spare fuel tank. Without the extra mass, the fuel tank alone will be much more maneuverable and easier to dock. Pointing at the station, now a little over three kilometers away, I use the on-board thrusters to close the distance.

When the distance closes to just a few dozen meters, the real horror begins. Switching between control of the tank and CMSS, I line up the docking ports and lock the orientation controls. Then I carefully, carefully close the distance. If I mess up, there will be a huge explosion and I'll have to start again. Plus, HR will be all over me like never before.

I come in slightly off-center and the docking rings kiss at an angle and just hang there for a moment. I don't breathe.

The sections snap together and suddenly I have a refueling station. Phew.